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Social Security Advocacy Service

VoiceAbility are going to be delivering the new Social Security Advocacy Service.

The services is free of charge to:

  • anyone with a disability who may need extra support to understand and communicate when accessing and applying for Social Security Scotland benefits
  • parents or carers with a disability who need support to access benefits for a child
  • parents or carers who are accessing benefits for a child with a disability, if the child wants to be involved in the process and needs support

An advocacy worker won’t provide advice but they can help clients to:

  • be heard and understood
  • know, understand and secure their rights under the Scottish social security system
  • ask questions and get information
  • express their rights, views, wishes and what they want to achieve, and represent their own interests
  • be fully involved and make informed decisions
  • safeguard their rights by representing their circumstances if they are unable to

Clients can be referred to the service by completing the appropriate referral form at .

Or, clients can access this support themselves by going to , or by contacting VoiceAbility directly for free on 0300 303 1660.