User and Carer Involvement (UCI)

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"a Disabled People's Organisation ensuring Users and their Carers have a voice..."


User and Carer Involvement (UCI) is an independent charity who registered with OSCR in 2001.

The organisation’s primary mission is to make sure that Users (people who have learning disabilities and people with learning difficulties) and their Carers have a representative voice and, as a result, see positive changes in their lives.

The main aims of our work are:

  • Developing confidence in Users and Carers
  • Developing leadership skills in Users and Carers
  • Increasing the opportunities for Users and Carers to affect changes in the services they access
  • Improving the well-being of Users and Carers

We are a Disabled People’s Organisation, which means that most of our Board are Disabled people.

Traditionally many disability organisations have not been run by Disabled people themselves but by non-disabled people on Disabled people’s behalf.
We feel that being run by Disabled people means we are in a better position to understand Disabled people’s lived experience.