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Mental Health

Mental Health

UCI undertakes a number of strands of work to ensure that users of Mental Health services and their Carers are informed of their rights, and are able to have a say in how the services they use are delivered and run:                                                                                     – Carers Rights. We have held several workshops across the region with Carers to inform them of their rights under mental health legislation
  – Advance Statements and Named Person workshops. We host group sessions to help people think about what they need to write into an Advance Statement, to help them come to decisions about Named Persons, and to ensure they have the information and support they need to complete and submit these documents.
  – Service reviews. We work with partner agencies to consult with service users when service reviews are being undertaken. The findings are then used to inform training and development and improvement of services.
  – Consultation. UCI works with Mental Health service users and their carers to respond to national and local consultations.
  – Training. UCI has input to training of professionals and students, e.g. through the Dementia Champions Programme at UWS.
  – Provision of information. We have published a number of award-winning booklets in relation to the Mental Health (Care and Treatment) (Scotland) Act 2003, including a guide to Advance Statements and to Named Persons.

Please contact us on 01387 255330 or for further information on our involvement in Mental Health.