User and Carer Involvement (UCI)

User and Carer Involvement is a Scottish Charity operating across the Dumfries and Galloway Region.
UCI News

Our mission:

To ensure that people who have mental illness, dementia or learning disabilities, and their carers have a representative voice and, as a result, see positive changes in their service provision.

We achieve this by…

  • Providing training and support to enable members and/or groups to express themselves effectively.
  • Encouraging statutory and non-statutory agencies, which provide services to become more responsive to the needs and views of members and/or groups by involving users, carers and their representatives in the planning, commissioning, monitoring and delivery of services which affect them.
  • Assisting members and or/groups to access information regarding services and legislation and other information necessary and appropriate to the support that they may require.
  • Maximising member and/or group representation in appropriate aspects of Mental Health, Learning Disability and Dementia care.
  • Creating safe forums where people can express their concerns and have their concerns taken forward, anonymously if necessary, to the appropriate agencies. * Providing training and support to enable members and/or groups to express themselves effectively. Our values underpin all of the above;
  • The right to be safe and protected from harm
  • The right to be treated fairly and with dignity
  • The right to live the life you choose
  • The right to take an active part in your community and or wider society

UCI is actively working with you in the following key projects areas:

  • Dementia
  • Mental Health – (over and under the age of 65 years)
  • Learning Disabilities

(All project areas are restricted to adults – 16 years and older)

Who can join UCI?

Membership of User and Carer Involvement is open to everyone in Dumfries and Galloway who is a mental health service user or someone who cares for a person with mental health problems, dementia or learning disabilities, and who are in agreement with the U.C.I. mission and values. Professionals and other interested parties are welcome to join U.C.I. as associate members. As such you will receive all mailings and newsletters but may not vote at the A.G.M.
Join us now and help to make a positive difference!